Meetings on Collaboration, Creativity and Self Management
Friday May 2007 18th to Sunday the 20th
at SAT (website), 1195 St-Laurent, Montréal (Métro St-Laurent)

RococoCamp Montreal



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All the Sessions of the RoCoCoCamp 2007

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(also see, voir aussi OpenSpaceAgenda)

  1. WikisAreHumaneSpaces - designing communities to amplify human needs

  2. WikiForCommonFolk (AlainDésilets)

  3. TikiWiki CMS/Groupware: the WikiWay applied to software development (MarcLaporte)

  4. WikiForLargeScaleConsensus (Brandon CS Sanders)

  5. FeaturesInWikiSoftwareForFacilitatingConsensus (Zach Copley)

  6. Wish_Machine (FredLmir) & SemanticWiki (MarkJaroski, ReiniUrban)

  7. CinemaCollaboratifOpenSource (Dejla Djamba)

  8. PlaceAndSpace - Wikis as geospatical community tools - Earle Martin

  9. How to create spaces with a CoWorkingSpaces - Patricky Tanguay

  10. HospitalityExchangeNetworks - (Morgan)

  11. What is / is there an Ethical/Ethiquette Norm For The BoundaryBetweenSelfCreationAndLimitingOthers into that space? (Sylvia)

  12. FocusedWikiEvangelism (Sunir & Stewart)

  13. DataAndEvolution (HughMcGuire) Nike SB Dunks

  14. HowToAttractGraphicArtistsToOpenSourceProjects (MarcLaporte)

  15. Web2.0 ParticipatoryServicesForInternationalDevelopment(Participatory/centralized services) - why is it good, why is it bad (Sarah Kerr)

  16. MakingOpenSourceDocumentary BrettGaylor

  17. WikiEntrepreneur + WikiHow and WikiForProfitWikis

  18. WikiFilmSession (MélanieCharbonneau "Capsulette")

  19. WikiIa: Tags, taxonomy & More! (MAJ)

  20. Making an OpenSourceDocumentaryFilm (BrettGaylor)

  21. WikiEntrepreneur (Evan) & WikiHow and for-profit wikis, good or evil? (JackH.)

  22. WikiInterpolarity EugeneKim

  23. WikiAnd ... EvanProdromou

  24. LifeMappingUsingWikis Nelson

  25. EmergenceAndTheBodyOfAllLife ... BrandonCsSanders

  26. GeeksAndGlobalJustice Kate

  27. FourEyedMonstersPhenomenon Distributing Movies Melaniecharbonneau

  28. WikiAndLibraries NicoleWillson

  29. ParEcon : Participatory Economics, self organised economy and work --AntoineBeaupré + Distributive Economy / Économie distributive -- FredLmir

  30. WikiStats RayKing Uggs Boots

  31. WikisAndSustainbility --YannLouvel

  32. VoiceWiki MarcLaporte

  33. WikiAndOrganising

  34. WikiFilmSession Melaniecharbonneau

  35. WikiDispute (Argument) AnneGoldenberg

  36. BuildingYourWiki -- WikiHow

  37. WikiAndDrupal -- Maj

  38. WikiNames OpenId, topics society-- Mark

  39. QueFontLesFemmes --StephaneCouture

  40. TraductionCollaborative -- MarcLaporte

  41. WikiFilmSession MelanieCharbonneau

  42. ProduceItYourself - Production P2P (Patrice) (!) new!

  43. MultimediaWikis - AnneGoldenberg & AntoineBeaupré WikiBalades -- Armel

  44. WikiActivisme Liam


  46. Action Session: CrossCulturalCollaboration

  47. Action Session: Organizing GeeksForChangeCamp

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About the name

The Montreal RecentChangesCamp will be Bilingual as we expect participants from Europe, Canada and US. In order to make it significant for French-speaking people, we decided to give it also a French title.

RoCoCo is a non-recursive acronym, for "Rencontres sur la Collaboration, la Créativité et l'Autogestion" (Meetings on Collaboration, Creativity and SelfManagment.) As with the Recent Changes Camps in Portland, OR in 2006 and 2007, the meeting will be organised following the Open space technology that means a collaborative building of the agenda. Wikis will stay the key topic of the meeting, but we will give space to wireless community and to people who, in general, are interested by collaboration, creativity and selfmanagement. In an Open Space format, every body can organise.

The Portland RecentChangesCamp

February 2,3,4 2007

In February, 2006, nearly 150 people came from all across North America, to Portland, Oregon, for the first-ever RecentChangesCamp. In three days, we self-organized more than 70 working sessions to address our most important questions about wiki technology and community action. We wrote code, designed sites, planned projects, built community, got in the newspaper, made music, and filmed an RecentChanges:OpenFrame movie. We made connections that will not be forgotten and learned things that we applied immediately in our code and our communities. Most importantly, we made plans to do it all again. Please read our RecentChanges:CampProceedings. Scan the RecentChanges:ConferencePhotos and list of participants. Watch Geri's RecentChanges:OpenFrame movie and listen to our RecentChanges:WikiSong at your own risk and then join us for Camp in Montreal!!

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